the island of peace

The Park

One of the special features of the Mom ArtDeco luxury apartments is that they are located in the area of the Wittmann park, and have a view to the forest. Stepping out of the door, you can enjoy the quiet and peace of nature, and you can find plenty of options for recreation and sports. The turnover on the paved road near the apartments is minimum, as it is used only by the nearby dwellers.

The force of nature

The Wittmann park of Mosonmagyaróvár is located in the northern part of the city, on the bank of Lajta, and is surrounded by inhabited areas on each side. 

The park has rich flora and fauna, and plenty of wood species can be found in the area. Mountain maple, horse chestnut, common beech, high ash and plane trees are the most characteristic ones.

The area is covered by a complex system of tracks, including several stone routes. Paved routes lead to several buildings and sport courses located in the centre of the park.

Perfect solutions can be found for leisure-time activities and sports, as an outdoor fitness park has been established in the park, and the possibility to play football, basketball and tennis is also offered in the sports facilities. Lovers of running can enjoy the peace of nature on the paths leading among the trees, and yoga an picnic are also possible on the large grassy meadow, and dogs can be also walked in the park.